Oenodev's History

Oenodev is already renowned in the world of winemaking, over 5 continents, for its know-how in this area.
The Boisé France site of production is specifically chosen so as to permit the production of high quality oak chips.
Creation of Boisé France. This Company produces and commercializes a product line of oak alternatives for enological use. These products were developed in response to technical needs not previously addressed by the marketplace. 
After three years research, two Madiran winegrowing families (P. Ducournau and the Laplace Family) registered a patent for the wine micro-oxygenation method.
With the scientific support of Michel Moutounnet's research team (INRA* at Montpellier) and the financial support of the ANVAR*, Oenodev developed its skills concerning all elements of wine elevage, be it carried out in stainless steel vats or in barrels :
Red, white, rosé wine : controlled continuous oxygen supply, occasional sudden oxygen supply, elevage on lees, time and temperature management.


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